Mad Men Season 6 Review: It’s all fun and games until someone shoots you in the face</a

So the sixth season of Mad Men had come to and end and it was a cracker. It has set us up with some interesting storylines leading into this great shows final season. I’m just going to cover a little of what happened this season and what may be ahead for all of these incredible characters.

There is no better place to start than with the shows lead man Mr Donald Draper who is played brilliantly by Jon Hamm. It’s been quite a season for Don. Season 5 ended with him unhappy with his marriage to Megan and maybe on the verge of him returning to his old womanizing ways. Well that’s exactly what happened. He struck up an affair with one of his neighbors which led to a few major developments in Dons character. It showed us the kinky side of Don Draper with him asking his latest mistress for a few different favors in the bedroom. We also got to see Don broken-hearted as she ended the affair with him and it was a surprise to see Don so upset at the end of this. The major development in this relationship was Sally catching him in the act. Her reaction to this showed that she will now see Don in a completely different light. Something I found really interesting was Dons confession midway through the season that he has only just started loving his kids. Extremely powerful emotions on display this series by Don and this was just the start. Another intriguing part of his affair was the flashback which showed Don losing his virginity very young to a much older prostitute. It definitely shined a light on why Don treats women the way he does now. Talking of Don and women it looks as if his relationship with Megan is over. She’s a strong woman and it seems she’s fed up with Don never being around and his constant drinking. A new start to L.A would have saved their relationship but when that fell through there was no point in them being together. I honestly think this finale may be the last we ever see of Megan. If she’s back in the final season it will be in a small role. An interesting development was Dons brief reconciliation with Betty. It was great to see these two back together and it would be nice to see them end together. Who knows what the chances of that will be as Betty is now full aware of Dons ways and I can’t see her forgetting easily.

Away from Don and his women there was some more interesting developments with his character. He drank very heavily this series and almost seemed reliant on a drink by the end of the series. I’m hoping his night in jail might wake him up a bit. There was a brilliant scene when Don chunders at Rogers mums funeral. It set up the scene perfectly and it was odd to see Don make a fool of himself for once in front of the rest of the firm. His drinking and lack of interest his really affected his role at the firm. He’s completely lost interest with the business. This has constantly annoyed Ted but the rest of the partners have always seemed to not be that interested. That all came to a head at the end of the series when Don after seemingly securing the Hersheys account decided to recount the true tale of how he had his first Hersheys bar including a lot of references to his childhood in a whore house. Even after this disaster I was completely taken a back when the partners decided to suspend/fire Don. I love Roger and couldn’t believe he would go for this as he has a close friendship with Don. The low blow though was Duck Phillips coming in with that smug look and Dons replacement. In some ways this may be the best thing for Don as he can sort himself out and move forward with his life. The season ended with Don taking his kids to see the house he grew up in. There was a look there from Sally which may have been her moving towards forgiving her Dad. Dons visit to his old home could be a rebirth for his character. It may signify him starting from the beginning. It would be good to see Don go back to his roots next series and finally be happy. Going into the final season I’ve got a few ideas for Don. Will the truth finally come out that he’s Dick Witman? Will Don end up with Betty? What’s his future at the firm? Will Sally forgive him? Will he be at his womanizing best? Lets hope Don is back on the top of the game next season. He was brilliant this year but I don’t want this show to end with him coming apart and not getting the happy ending he deserves. After all he’s been through in his life he deserves that.

Roger has had a pretty uneventful season unless you count him shagging Megan’s mum. There were of course some brilliant moments as always. The one liners are always flowing when Rogers on-screen. Rogers main focus this season was his kids. His daughter basically banned him from his grand kids life as he is too much of a mess of a granddad. He is trying to get involved in his and Joans kids life. There were some occasional pop arounds to Joans flat. On both occasions he arrived as Bob Benson was there potentially trying to romance Joan. I really hope these two end up together. I can see it happening as there are obviously still sparks between the two of them. Joan needs to admit she still has feelings for Roger and then they can sail off into the sunset together. I mean Joan didn’t do much this season really. She is an almost irrelevant character at the moment and the way for us all to remember her is for her to end up with the funniest character of the cast.

Peggy has had a dreadful season. She has completely lost her independence. She has repeatedly thrown herself at men as she is so scared to end up alone. She started the season with Abe which was never going to go anywhere especially with her making eyes at Ted from the second he showed up. The end to Peggy and Abes relationship was brilliant. Her stabbing him and then him dumping her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital really summed up how badly things have gone for her. She threw herself at Stan (legend) who knocked her back. Then her desperate bid for the whiny and married Ted was pathetic. He seemed like a nice guy but his cowardice in moving to L.A may just break Peggy. Just as it seemed she was getting her happy ending it was snatched away. On the bright side they have moved her into Dons office and job as head of creative which is what she always wanted Seeing how her relationship with her former mentor has soured I can’t see her feeling particularly guilty. Also what the fuck has happened to Peggy and Pete’s kid? It is never mentioned anymore. Shocking mothering.

Betty again had a much of nothing season. She was barely shown this season. Her ridiculously quick turnaround from fat to sexy happened so fast. It wasn’t even a gradual thing. One episode she’s fat Betty. The Next she’s back to smoking hot Betty. I’m not complaining about this at all don’t worry! Betty has grown a lot this season. She is a lot more reasonable and you can see that in the way she has been dealing with Don and Sally. Her reconciliation with Don and letting Sally smoke would definitely not have happened if she was the old Betty.Her weight gain and subsequent loss seems to have made her grow up. Will this be a permanent change only time can tell.

Sally has fast become a problem child. She’s been shipped off to a boarding school and is drinking and smoking there with other girls who seem as if they’re only going to corrupt her more. She is in love with Glen who I think sadly only sees her as a little sister, so that will only end in disappointment. Her catching Don in the act was a shock and certainly opened her eyes as to how Don really is. She’s going down the wrong path but hopefully after Don showing her his old family home at the end then she can bond once again with her father and sort herself out.

Ahhhh Pete Campbell. One episode you honestly despise him. The next you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Lets all be honest Vincent Kartheiser is a brilliant actor. He plays this part perfectly. Pete’s season started well with him moving on from his heartbreak at the end of season five with a new little fling but when Trudy found out about it he is thrown out and the relationship is over. Just throwing it out there but there was a moment with Peggy and Pete at dinner towards the end of the season that made me think that maybe these two may end up together after all. You never know! He’s really had a season where he was trying to find his place. He’s been lost in the shuffle at the firm with the merger and he has not been happy at all. He has decided to also go to L.A next season so I hope he can find his place there. I kind of liked him being lost in the shuffle though as that look on his face when he got high in the office was utterly brilliant. Petes main arc towards the end of the season was his battle against the new (and brilliant) Bob Benson. The scene in Detroit where Bob sets Pete up to crash the car and lose his part of the account on Chevy was classic. The death of Petes mother will finally free him from having to care for her but don’t expect him to lie down in his suspicions that her carer Manolo (hired on recommendation of Bob’s) was responsible for her death. I expect there may be some sort of battle of the inheritance of her estate.

So onto the newest member of the Mad Men cast Bob Benson. This guy is brilliant as he is so hard to figure out. At first he just seemed like that really nice guy who tries a bit to hard. Then he makes himself an integral part of the team and befriends Pete and Joan. His friendship with Pete took a slight turn for the worst when Pete adjudged Bob to be hitting on him. Add that to the fact that the carer Bob recommended to Pete was striking up a relationship with his mother made Pete extremely unhappy. I certainly think there is more to than meets the eye to Bob. I think he may have had something to do with Petes mothers death and I believe he was working with Manolo to get a part of her large inheritance. I’m also not sure of his intentions with Joan. She holds a lot of power in the company and I’m wondering what his end game is with her. He has already developed an enemy in Pete but his pursuit of Joan has given him another powerful enemy in Roger. I’m interested to see where his story line is going to go as I personally find it one of the most interesting. We know he has a dark side to him so all I want to know is what is his game?

In other character news we got a slight insight into the life of Ginsberg and found that he was a complete virgin. His Dad is pushing him towards a relationship with a nice girl. This really didn’t get much screen time so who knows what’s going on there. Harry is still a massive slimy sleaze. Stan is a complete stoner lad.

Ken. Oh Ken. He may have had the greatest moment in Mad Men history. The episode where all of the staff are injected with a drug to come up with ideas was one of the best episodes of Mad Men ever. Yeah I said it. Ken completely stole the episode. Him tap dancing for Don was utterly brilliant. Dons speech beforehand as well i find hilarious along with his amazed reaction to the dance. Honestly too funny. If you haven’t seen it please watch this. You won’t regret it. Ken also got shot and ended the season with an eye patch. I’m not sure whether this will be a permanent fixture of just a temporary one. I was so worried they had killed him off when he got shot but thank god he was OK. Ken is a character I would love to see more of as whenever he is in a scene he steals it. Definitely the most underrated character on the show and a very loved one.

I loved season 6 of Mad Men. It was well placed throughout and all of the characters had their storylines summed up. It leaves us with plenty of possibilities for the final season and even more questions. It will be a sad day when these brilliantly created characters leave our screens but I for one cannot see how it ends. You just know with Mad Men it won’t let you down.

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