Under The Dome Watch: Pilot


I heard about his show a long time ago now. I was extremely excited with its concept. A town that is cut off from civilization when an invisible wall comes up all around and over the town. Of course this supernatural event will bask the question…. Why has this happened? That’s where the show will begin to get interesting as we delve in to the secrets of the dome. The show is based on a Stephen King novel so you know that it’s going to get a little bit crazy in there and based on the first episode that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The lead character is a guy called Barbie (Nickname obviously and not a male version of the doll) who is played by Mike Vogel (Bates Motel, She’s out of my league). he opens the show burying a body in the woods. After burying the body he crashes his car into a field full of cows. The dome wall appears and promptly cuts a cow in half. This is just the start as he rescues a young kid called Joe who lives on the farm from a plane that has crashed into the wall. We then have him rescuing another woman, being chatted up by a pretty girl from the hospital with a jealous boyfriend, then threatened by the jealous boyfriend and the episode ends with him being put up by the wife of the man he has just buried/ potentially killed. Interesting start for him eh? Life won’t be too dull.

Other characters include said pretty girl from hospital and her crazy boyfriend who is revealed to be the son of Big Jim Rennie who is a local politician and cars salesman whose quick thinking of warning everyone in the dome about the barriers over the radio saved many lives. Junior Rennie locks his girlfriend in the bomb shelter in his house and I have a feeling this may be the main protagonists of this series. The wife of the man Barbie killed is a local reporter who sooner or later is going to start asking some major questions.

The episode ended with Sheriff Perkins aka Frank Lapidis from Lost getting mysteriously shot by the dome when he went to reveal a secret to his partner Deputy Linda. Was he being silenced? If so who by? The Dome or one of the soldiers on the outside? So many questions straight away and I have a feeling we a re a very long way from them being answered.

Overall this was a solid pilot. It got big numbers in America and I really hope that continues so they can tell their story properly and maybe get a couple of series out of the show. The pilot did well to show us the majority of the major players and it set in motion a chain of events that will be interesting to watch. One of my favourite book series is the Gone books by Michael Grant which is about a town full of kids 15 and under trapped inside a massive dome. In those books they mutate powers and there is a whole lot of lord of the flies shit going on. I don’t expect the people on this show to mutate powers or any of that to come into the story. What I do expect is for some crazy shit to go down. All these people trapped together and we already have a few nutters. I can see this show getting seriously messed up and there are going to be a lot of questions being raised. Here’s hoping this show lives up to my lofty expectations.


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